Demo: In document writing aware;

These are the basics of doing notes’, and not.

Misspell words’, grammar fragmented sentence phrasing are correctable errors’ that can otherwise affect your credibility until you do, and before the final print will make a difference if not anybody other than ourselves. 

The same goes for grammar correcting improvements of use for example commas, also other types of punctuation, sentence phrasing, word choices, and recommendation(s) often more than one is being offered. 

Not only will Grammarly underline these issues in color when you are automatically being prompted of an error being reported to show you the corrected choice(s), how to correct the mistake by choosing one of the options when prompted, this custom configurable option can be turned on, off, wait until you investigate your work further if you choose to, then you can choose the corrected recommendation of the error being reported by your text editing software that is aiding you in addition to your text writing besides from any form of the luxury being offered to you that you buy, if not included, and you may be already using it. Color underlines indicate that Grammarly has spotted an unnecessarily wordy sentence. You will find suggestions that can be a possible help to you to revise a wordy sentence less effortlessly.

Wait…there is more?

Grammarly Premium can give you very helpful feedback on your writing. Passive voice can be fixed by Grammarly, and it can handle classical word-choice mistakes. It can also help with inconsistencies such as switching between e-mail, mail, phone, and here in the USA.

It can even help when you want to refine your common slang lingo, nelson language, and is not formal to level. That is especially useful when writing for a road audience ranging from Family, Friends, Businessmen, and Women you think. Carefully inspect your vocabulary, and may I suggest the best thing not to do is make sure you do not over-analyze your writing more than we do.

Best Wishes.,

Gary Tyree

GT 04-20-2020.

Sherlock’s Secret Theory:

Sherlock motive was “Sherlock”. When there is something that someone says to you for a reason, and either we don’t give a response back to the questioner then we will assume to be accurate of what is being competently asked to the party being questioned. The asking party that is being, and assuming to be competently asked by the individual(s) as to the accuracy of what that is unknown by anyone otherwise assumed on the individuals’ behalf by whom the questioner only knows that is by the individual(s) that is common when the questioner(s) is assumed never to be known would be unknow bye the other half of the equation of what is not known to them otherwise that would be yet determined to be known if anyone carried out the question further that remains to be known would otherwise fall back on the complaint from who the question arises from by the questioner in the 1st. place. “Dear Watson”? They own the property anyways, and had no money. I say! GT 04-27-2020.

Gary Tyree

So my guide the U had arrived, big, more beautiful then that I had expected or would of known, but only heard of, that did when it did, that was the colors’ of a stretch that I once saw, then I said, I did not know about that, but I did, and I did not expect that. What you represent I did know, and I do know I saw. I thought then, I said thank you that will be all, and that will do. Then it went, I said wait since you can do that, you know better than I do, but then I now do, that I to did not know that I would, I understand, it did as well, cause it already knew, then I said how sad, how true, I understand, but then so do you, it is sad even further then I said I think I do, I know more than I do even then that have not thought no more than I needed to, but then did, and I do. I knew more since that is what I do, because I do, and I know more now then I did. I then said, I think that it is different then what I did not know that I thought I did, and do. However, I will get back on that of what I did think that I knew that I did not mind even though I did that I do, but thought no further then I wanted to because I was okay with it, even though by choice I did not want to because of what I saw even more then realize what I did or even expect to comparable to that I do not, that I do, and I thought once more that I could do nothing about, except I was not a fence rider on that subject enough to any further then I want to then that do, I thought no more of what I then knew, don’t know if I needed to, I made my decision even further then what I normally would do, but did not want to do myself, knowing that I might even if I did not want to because I needed to, thinking not wanting to because of what it did for me that I did not want, however, needed because that of what it represented, and presented it’s self to me. I knew I then needed to, when I do, and then did because of what that others’ don’t do that need to do. Just because I could for what it did to me that is what it saw that did for me, yes, however, I then thought, no, and needed to no further. I thought one final thing that I needed to say to the U, then just to think for myself, I think then I said to the U waiting no further to the U, hop on mine then it was gone, and I died. GT 10-24-1969; 03-04-2020.

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